ADB-AIM Hackathon 2018


The first of its kind. ADB-AIM Hackathon invited the brightest minds from across the world for a collaborative co-creation of innovative solutions to real development challenges.

Real challenge.

Real impact.

I am thrilled to see the Ultrahack format accelerate Asian innovations. The amount of high-quality applicants surpasses many high-end Hackathons in Europe.
— Miikka Nevasalo, COO, Ultrahack
This Hackathon is a bold, innovative undertaking to solve complex development problems. This activity also brings the best minds together to collaborate and create a better world.
— Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, Associate Professor, AIM

How it works

Over 500 participants submitted their proposals for one of three real development challenges. The top 5 teams for each challenge then headed to Manila for the final stage of the competition, where they coded and pitched their solution to a panel of judges.

The best team for each challenge
stood to win:

- Up to USD 10,000 in prize money

- The opportunity to implement their pilot initiative through ADB

- The opportunity for business incubation with AIM




Challenge 1

Hack the Health Solutions for Rural Asia


In many developing countries, sharing of patient data from one facility to another facility is often not possible. For example, if a patient visits a rural health center, they would not be able to transfer their records to a different hospital.


Design and implement solutions for personal health data sharing and patient journey in a low resource setting.


TeleHealth: Deddy Tandean, Mac Excel Fallar, Jason Occidental, Jose Mari Luis Lerit

Health ID 2.0: Neil Lomibao, Joshua Angelo Tabilog, Bruno Nascimento, Alex Gonçalves


Challenge 2

Digital ID Challenge

the background

People without formal identity (ID) are excluded from accessing basic financial services such as making payments, saving, and getting credit and insurance. Many who lack ID also live in areas without affordable and reliable internet access and electricity.

the task

Develop an inclusive and sustainable ID solution that will empower the poor.

the winners

Philippine ID: Timyas del Mundo, Dangal del Mundo, Diwa del Mundo, Marianne del Mundo

EID: Jaakko Nygren, Timo Kilpilehto, Tuomas Husu, Kimmo Koivisto


Challenge 3

AI for Trust in Fintech

the background

In large banks including the ADB, Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are essential in evaluating risks and gaining all relevant information associated with a potential client. KYC processes can, for example, improve the bank’s relations and understanding of the client, as well as unearth links to corrupt, criminal, or terrorist activities.

the task

Use AI to create a proof of concept to facilitate KYC procedures.

the winner

E-KYC: Rohit Sardeshpande, Rahul Deshpande, Vishwanath Hegdekota