Real Challenge.
Real Impact.

The Asian Development Bank is ready to partner with passionate organizations to create real impact in the region. ADB Digital fosters the ideation of exciting solutions along the disciplines of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data and Blockchain by linking with talented partners from around the globe.

Open Innovation Challenges

Do you have a burning challenge that has real impact on human lives in Asia and the Pacific? Learn more about ADB Digital’s Open Innovation Challenges, where you can submit challenges to participants from ADB and around the world.


How ADB Digital works


Source Talents

ADB Digital seeks out enthusiastic talents with big hearts and even bigger ideas for development work in Asia and the Pacific.



Innovations are matched against one or more development priorities of the ADB’s Strategy 2030.



ADB provides inputs and collaborates to refine the idea into a workable, achievable solution.



The best solutions receive support for implementation.




Digital Sandboxes Program

ADB Digital seeks out innovations across four sandbox programs, each centered around an emerging technology. Participants and partners are welcome to co-create innovations aligned to any of these.


Development Priorities

Innovations will be matched against the development priorities of the ADB for Asia and the Pacific. Each development priority tackles a specific area of concern.



Sample challenges for
process efficiency & improvement, New products or services,
and customer experience

Become a partner today.

startups - GOVERNMENT - ACADEMIA - NGOs - Private sector

If you would like to reach out and propose a project to ADB Digital, but are not sure if your idea matches any of our initiatives, please feel free to register today. All are welcome.


 Recent Events

 Nordic Innovation Forum

21 March 2019

Oracle Openworld Asia

26-27 March 2019



Finastra Universe

27 March 2019


Singapore Fintech Festival 2018
[12-16 November 2018]

ADB Digital makes an appearance at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018! Visit our booth, located at 1L17, on 12-14 September, or head to 80RR on the night of 13 November and from 10 A.M. - 1 P.M. on 15-16 November. Learn more.

Multi-stakeholder Workshop at the
Department of Foreign Affairs
[15-16 October 2018]

Key participants discussed the nexus between Philippine Development Plans, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the BAPA and the South Summit. Learn more.

ADB-AIM Hackathon 2018
[1-3 September 2018]

ADB-AIM Hackathon invited the brightest minds from across the world for a one-of-a-kind competition tackling real challenge for real impact. Learn more.